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Arrested at “The Hunt”? What to Do Next

The Far Hills Steeplechase will take place this year on October 21, 2017. “The Hunt” as it is called has made a name for itself in the last few years due to the drunken debauchery that occurs at the yearly horserace. The event, which is intended as a horse race, has evolved into an exciting event to pre-game for many college and high school aged students. People come from all over New Jersey, and even out-of-state from New York and Pennsylvania to enjoy the event. While it is a fun event that many look forward to, some may not consider the after effects of their fun. Police seem to be cracking down on this event with arrest rates going up annually. In most recent years, arrests have been made due to underage drinking, drug possession, disorderly conduct, public urination, simple assault, and DWIs. While the degree of severity of these cases may seem to range it is always in one’s best interest to seek legal counsel no matter the severity of the matter.

When a person is charged with an offense at the Far Hills race, the matter will be handled in Far Hills Municipal Court. A court date will be given on the summons or ticket to the person arrested. If you are arrested call the court and enter a plea of Not Guilty and then schedule your Court appearance for a date when a prosecutor is available to discuss your case.  We suggest hiring a lawyer to review the facts and police reports. If the matter is a disorderly person’s charge, a Municipal Court Lawyer can try to resolve it to a plea to a township ordinance. Receiving an ordinance is not a criminal offense and can be expunged after two years. If the matter is a drug possession offense, the State must submit the drug to be tested at a State lab. If the lab results do not come back, then a Municipal Court Lawyer will know what motions can be filed to obtain a dismissal. Also, public urination is not the best charge to have on one’s history. Sometimes that charge can be resolved to a different charge with less embarrassment associated with the original charge.

The Far Hills Steeplechase is an important event on many college students’ social calendars. However, if you are arrested it is advisable to retain a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the area. The Law Offices of Eric B. Morrell frequently represents college-aged students and are familiar with the issues they face throughout their college experience. Our legal staff is in attendance every year and is very familiar with the event. While it may be tempting to simply plead to the original charges, an attorney with expertise in New Jersey criminal law specifically in Somerset County and Far Hills Borough, may be able to get the charges dismissed or mitigated.  The Law Offices of Eric B. Morrell have handled these matters before and have achieved great results for people who have overly indulged at “The Hunt.”

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