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Starting Your Career? Clear Your Criminal History

Having a criminal arrest or charge on your record, especially when seeking employment, can limit opportunities for advancement in the future. Criminal charges are a matter of public record, which can appear on the internet and all platforms of social media. As a result, employers are easily able to access your criminal history, and therefore may prematurely reject your application. Even if your charges have been dismissed, the original arrest will still appear on background checks.  An expungement allows the Court to seal your prior criminal history, making it unavailable to employers and agencies that perform background checks through the State or Federal repository. The court rules in NJ mandate a waiting period before individuals become eligible for an expungement. Generally, if you are convicted of an eligible Indictable Offense, the waiting period is ten (10) years. For a Disorderly Persons offense or a Petty Disorderly Persons Offense, the waiting period is five (5) years.

Fortunately, New Jersey offers an alternative option called an Early Pathway expungement. For crimes or eligible Indictable Offense, the waiting period can be reduced to five (5) years, and three (3) years for a Disorderly Persons offense or a Petty Disorderly Persons Offense.  Our offices have been extremely successful in obtaining these expungements for our clients. In order to file an Early Pathway expungement, it is required to show the Court why it is in their best interest to grant the expungement. Our offices compile a plethora of support to provide to the Court. This includes, but is not limited to, letters of recommendation, a detailed resume, current and previous work history, school transcripts, proof of community service and more. Early pathway expungements allow individuals the opportunity to have their record sealed within half the originally mandated waiting period.

Expungements are extremely beneficial for young adults to obtain as they begin to enter the work force, change careers, or continue onto higher education. New Jersey now allows for participants of Drug Court to have their complete records expungements after the successful completion of the program. Our law offices are fully equipped with the tools to complete all forms of expungements. The waiting process for an expungement to be approved and completed by the Courts and State Police typically ranges from three (3) to six (6) months. Contact our offices at (732) 249-9933 to check your eligibility and begin the expungement process.

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