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We Do and We Will: How We Represent Drug Addicted Clients

Eric Morrell, a criminal defense attorney, is known for being a “Fighter Not A Hand-Shaker.” Our offices offer our clients more than just legal advice and physical representation in court. Eric believes that a client’s recovery process is a very important factor in his representation. Our offices want our clients to succeed in life after we represent them and again become a strong contribution to their community and family. Many clients’ drug addiction stems from psychological issues they are dealing with day to day. Some use drugs to self-medicate. Depending on the circumstances and charges, Mr. Morrell may make recommendations, including but not limited to, a recommendation that our clients treat with a psychologist or licensed social worker. It may also be recommended that they attend an inpatient or outpatient drug rehabilitation program, Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, or any other program for the purposes of enhancing our law office’s effectiveness of their legal representation. Eric hopes to not only represent his clients to the best of his ability, but to aid in their recovery process as well. It is expected that the client will make a bona fide good-faith effort to comply with these recommendations, as outline in his retainer agreements. He asks that our clients obtain, and provide our offices with any and all reports, certification, and other documentation demonstrating their participation. These reports are used in their legal defense, and are presented to both the Prosecutor and Judge. Looking further than just Court, this is often the first stepping stone in helping our clients.

Eric understands that his responsibility is not only to get the best results in Court, but to make sure our clients get better. He takes the time to meet with our clients’ families, and guides them throughout their family member’s matter in order to make sure the client is enrolled and completes the suggested rehabilitation programs or attends their counseling appointments. Our law offices always follow up with the treatment centers in order to obtain necessary reports for our client. We are familiar with many local rehabilitation programs, and some out of state programs. Our law offices have a great rapport with these programs and that helps our clients to be accepted if eligible into the programs and be treated.

Whether the client is a first-time drug offender, or a long-time drug abuser, our law offices go above and beyond for our clients. From our office’s experiences, many college students and young adults become involved in drug addiction. Mr. Morrell recognizes that rehabilitating our clients and successful follow up treatment is the goal of both our offices and the Courts.  We strive to reach this goal with every client that retains our law office.

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