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We Do And We Will: How We Represent Clients with Mental Health Issues

Our offices believe that everyone deserves the right to have their side of the story heard. His slogan “A Fighter, Not a Handshaker” only exemplifies the values we strive to live by as a criminal defense firm. We know that a person is a person, and that we all make mistakes in our lives. We understand circumstances can lead to problems no one ever asked for, and we are here to resolve those problems.

Our understanding of mental health issues and Eric’s experience lead to a lot of clients walking through our door. We work to create a smooth sailing process through a criminal justice system which is often tough to navigate. We have defended clients in mental health units in Union County, Ocean County, Essex County and across the state. We also have relationships with various mental health professionals throughout the state that are available to treat our clients for whatever conditions they may have.

A 2015 study from the U.S. DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics revealed that 55 percent of male inmates in state prisons are mentally ill, and 73 percent of female inmates are as well. This same study also showed an extremely high rate of recidivism for offenders with mental health issues. We use our knowledge of mental health unit procedure and rapport with prosecutors which enables our clients to be treated for their mental illness rather than be punished by the court system. For example, a way we may resolve a case in mental health court would be arranging a plan where, in some cases, if clients attend all of their treatments and refrain from negative behavior, they may get their charges dismissed altogether. From our offices’ experiences, we recognize that symptoms of mental illness manifest often in boys and girls when in their 20’s. We realize this age is a difficult time for anyone, and we want our clients to know that they are not alone when they come to us. Our offices fight for them to get the best results so they can then lead productive lives.

Our offices make sure that our clients are treated properly every step along the way, and work so that their outcome is as favorable towards a rehabilitative and positive end. We strive to enable our clients to re-enter society as productive citizens. With patient, understanding, and knowledgeable staff, at the Law Offices of Eric Morrell, we’ll fight for you.

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