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It Takes a Village: We Bring a Team to Represent Our Clients

To represent a client effectively in a criminal or municipal court matter, the client or the law firm needs a team to get the best possible result. This team sometimes comprises of anger management counselors, social workers or psychologists. Our Office has a network of professional counselors to assist our clients in treatment. This mental health treatment helps the court or prosecutor to see that the client has learned from their mistakes and addressed their individual issues. We take pride in having a great team of mental health professional to assist our clients. We also represent Rutgers students with mental health or drug addiction. Our offices are familiar with the school’s programs, such as CAPS and ADAPs that provide treatments to Rutgers students.

Sometimes a client will come to the office and have multiple legal issues in which we are asked to resolve. We have strategic partners that handle other areas of law that we can refer our clients to. Our 20 plus years of practice, we have consistently developed relationships with legal colleagues who can provide assistance for our clients. An example of an area of practice that we are able to refer our clients is to immigration attorneys. These attorneys are able to get the job done while they work with us on criminal matters. We also have a relationship with boutique matrimonial firms that help our clients through difficult family issues. A client of ours may have a need for a Personal Injury attorney. We have relationships with the best and brightest Personal Injury Lawyers locally in New Jersey, New York, Long Island, Pennsylvania and Florida if needed.

Our clients really appreciate the access they have with these exceptional lawyers. Many of our clients once they recover from issues will contribute positively to society. They later will be able to purchase a business or buy their first home. Our law offices have relationship with colleagues locally who are at the top of their game in those areas of law. We also have relationships with Realtors, Title Companies and Mortgage Representatives. Recently, a few Rutgers Students that we have represented wanted to purchase their first homes. We were able to plug them in with all our resources to accomplish their goal successfully.

Sometimes an issue comes up that is “Out of the Box” and it takes more than one person to solve the problem. My years of volunteering, legal skills and being involved politically allows me to call upon these colleagues to help my clients in their time of need. Some examples are when our offices makes a phone call made to Rutgers Student Services or contacts the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission for a client to follow up with a specific person that can resolve or give guidance on that issues. Our networking skills can solve our clients everyday problems.

As we continue to practice law, the problems of our clients are always changing. We take pride in figuring out what person, lawyer, counselor or expert we need to bring to obtain the best possible result for my client. The courts, prosecutors and judges are very familiar with my use of these people. They appreciate that my firm does this as it educates them on the defenses of the case. It also shows the judges and the Court that we want our clients to overcome their issues and contribute positively to society once again. Many other lawyers ask me in court how we obtained a certain results from a specific prosecutor or with a more strict judge. We explain that my firm creates a team of counselors, experts and other professionals that educates the court. The court respects our approach and we build rapport with prosecutors. By doing this, the court will listen more to our defenses and the weaknesses of their case. We are proud to have successfully used all my resources to obtain great results over the years in Superior and Municipal court.

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