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PTI Reform Needed Following Marijuana Law Changes

Often in our practice, our clients avoid jail time in exchange for enrollment in a diversionary program, like the Pretrial Intervention (PTI), or Conditional Discharge (CD) program. This allows them to enroll in a program to demonstrate to the court their intent on self-improvement, and allows their record to remain clean so long as they Read More

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Moving on from Marijuana Convictions: New Court Directive Advises Pretrial Services on Legalization

Even though recreational marijuana use was officially legalized in February 2021, those who have been caught with the substance in the past are still being affected by these charges. The New Jersey Pretrial Services Program evaluates and monitors defendants based on their past convictions and current status, including indications of substance use. Previously, prior marijuana-related Read More

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Superior Court Makes Payment Plans Accessible

A recent Superior Court case, and contemporaneous guidance offered by the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, has revealed new and convenient ways to make in court payments when you do not have the necessary money on the day of court, often in the form of monthly installments. This is a major improvement to prior Read More

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Phase 1 of 5 Complete: New Jersey Supreme Court Dismisses 300,000 Old Municipal Court Cases

On May 21, 2021, the New Jersey Supreme court ordered the dismissal of roughly 300,000 minor municipal court cases in which a driver’s license suspension was ordered prior to January 1, 1994. These dismissals come as a part of an ongoing effort started in 2019 by the judiciary to identify and resolve cases that have Read More

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Make Sure Your Marijuana Dismissals Also Include an In-Court Expungement, There Are Issues That Could Prevent This

New Jersey voters recently passed marijuana legalization by referendum, and the Governor, Legislature, and State agencies have all given rules and guidance on this since then. However, despite this, our Offices have experienced Judges who are reluctant to abide by these policies. Judges and prosecutors have requested that we plead to the minimum traffic offenses Read More

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No Social, No Problem: Updated Requirements for NJ Driver’s License Take Effect

As of May 1, 2021, the list of documents that can be used to obtain a driver’s license has expanded, allowing undocumented immigrants to get their permit with an Individual Taxpayer ID Number (ITIN) or Social Security Number. Starting on June 1, a notarized affidavit that someone cannot obtain a Social Security Number can be Read More

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Drastic Changes to Mandatory Minimum Sentences: How Will They Affect Non-Violent Drug Offenders?

On April 19th, the Attorney General issued a directive to all law enforcement chief executives advising them on the recent waiver of mandatory minimum sentences in non-violent drug cases. Amidst the recent changes to marijuana legislation, the State has been exploring other ways to improve how the justice system deals with people who manufacture or Read More

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Relief for New Jersey Non-Citizens with Pretrial Detention Court Decision

Our offices represent many non-citizens in criminal and traffic matters across New Jersey. As such, we keep up to date on any changes in case law and precedent that may positively or negatively affect our clients and their cases. Recently the issue of pretrial detention of non-citizens was argued in the New Jersey Supreme Court Read More

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New Directives on Marijuana Legislation Are a Game Changer—What Do They Mean for You?

New Jersey has finally passed legislation on the legalization of recreational marijuana. So, what does this mean for you? Most dramatically, it is now no longer illegal to have six ounces or less of marijuana and up to 3/5 of an ounce of hashish. Additionally, it is no longer a crime to be under the Read More

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Waiting for Answers in New Jersey’s Ongoing DWI Legal Battle

As a result of improper evidence handling by former New Jersey State Police Sergeant Marc Dennis, many DWI cases from the early 2010s in New Jersey were not valid, having lasting ramifications on the courts and the accused. This is in reference to an ongoing investigation into the invalidity of Alcotest machine results in Middlesex, Read More

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