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We Do And We Will: How We Represent Clients with Mental Health Issues

Our offices believe that everyone deserves the right to have their side of the story heard. His slogan “A Fighter, Not a Handshaker” only exemplifies the values we strive to live by as a criminal defense firm. We know that a person is a person, and that we all make mistakes in our lives. We Read More

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What You Need to Know About the Attorney General’s New Immigration Directive

Recently, we have released articles such as “Changes to New Jersey Expungement Law”, as well as our “DUI’s, DRE’s, and THC”, which have shown that the state is moving in directions to help those who may be so unfortunate as to get caught up with the law. In this instance, we are discussing provisions not just Read More

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How Significant Changes In New Jersey Expungement Law May Affect You

Expungements can be found to be beneficial in many ways, from making the search for employment opportunities less complicated, to simply ensuring that unwanted information about the applicant is not accessible to the world. On October 1, 2018, new expungement laws, essentially amending the current ones, were put in place to benefit expungement applicants within Read More

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Higher Than The Law in New Jersey?: Understanding How DUI’s, DRE’s, and THC Interact

The prospect of legalizing marijuana has swept the nation over the past few years. States like California, Colorado, and Washington have since served as controlled experiments for what effects legal recreational marijuana could have on a state. New Jersey has been a top contender to be the next state to legalize marijuana since Governor Phil Read More

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Understanding Your Rights after the State of New Jersey Seizes or Forfeits Your Property

Under the New Jersey forfeiture statute, 2C:64-1, law enforcement can legally seize property which they suspect has been used, or is intended to be used in the commission of a crime. The following are property subject to forfeiture: controlled dangerous substances, firearms which are unlawfully possessed, carried, acquired or used, illegally possessed gambling devices, untaxed Read More

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In-Court Fast Track Expungements are Available to New Jersey Residents If Your Case is Dismissed

Attorney Eric Morrell: A Fighter Not A Handshaker, argues to obtain the best results for his clients. In some Courts our law office is able to obtain a dismissal of all charges. As a result, the charges against a client are dropped. Despite the charges being dropped, the original arrest still appears on a client’s Read More

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A Police Search of a Car’s Trunks and Other Obscure Areas Can be a Violation of a Person’s Rights in New Jersey

Under the New Jersey Supreme Court decision, State v. Witt  223 NJ 409 (2015), if a police officer detects the odor of marijuana, he is legally able to search the driver’s vehicle without a warrant. Since there were limited boundaries or guidelines set in place, police officers were using State v. Witt to search throughout Read More

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A College Student’s Guide to the Legalization of Marijuana in New Jersey

It is our law office’s understanding that the following is what the new administration under Governor Phil Murphy is aiming to pass: 21 and over: Keep in mind, that once this act passes marijuana will be regulated similar to alcohol, meaning that those over the age of twenty-one (21) will have access to it. The law Read More

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A Recent Change in Strategy Used to Fight Drug Possession Cases

Laboratory reports are an essential element in drug related Court matters. In order for the State to prove their case, the State must have the drugs seized tested in a laboratory and provide those results to the defense. The laboratory results identify if the substance tested is in fact a CDS (controlled dangerous substance). Recently Read More

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We Do and We Will: How We Represent Drug Addicted Clients

Eric Morrell, a criminal defense attorney, is known for being a “Fighter Not A Hand-Shaker.” Our offices offer our clients more than just legal advice and physical representation in court. Eric believes that a client’s recovery process is a very important factor in his representation. Our offices want our clients to succeed in life after Read More

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