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College Students in Middlesex County Defense Lawyer

College is a time for students to focus on personal growth and laying down the foundation for a better and brighter future. It could also be a time of immense stress and peer pressure. Unfortunately, students make mistakes, and these mistakes can come with severe punishments. Whether it is possession, distribution, or even manufacturing drugs on campus, Rutgers students can be removed from on-campus housing or face possible expulsion from the school altogether. This does not mean Rutgers students have to suffer. You are not alone. Attorney Eric B. Morrell has extensive experience defending Rutgers students who have been charged with a crime.

Criminal Defense

We work diligently to defend people charged with all types of indictable and disorderly persons offenses. From DWI charges and Reckless Driving to Criminal Charges involving drugs, sexual assault, robbery and/or weapons possession. We have comprehensive knowledge of changes to the rules governing expungements of criminal records.

Drug Crimes

If you have been arrested for doctor shopping, stealing prescription pads or for illegal sale/distribution of prescription drugs, you should be aware of the serious consequences you will face, if convicted. The penalties for medical professionals who are convicted of prescription drug fraud are especially harsh and may include loss of the right to practice medicine in New Jersey.

DWI/DUI Defense

Our legal team is focused on DWI defense. We have extensive knowledge regarding the use of experts and defending a DWI. We also are very familiar with the psychophysical tests and the attorneys in our office are trained in those tests. We represent first offenders, repeat offenders, and those charged with underage drinking.


We can determine whether you qualify for expungements and we offer free initial consultations with attorney Morrell. Eric Morrell will listen to your circumstances and discuss the options available to you. The professionals at our office have extensive knowledge of the laws and procedures governing expungements. We handle all matters necessary to complete the process including preparation and filing of all necessary documentation and representation during hearings.