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College Students Defense Lawyer

College Students in Middlesex County Defense Lawyer

College is a time for students to focus on personal growth and laying down the foundation for a better and brighter future. It could also be a time of immense stress and peer pressure. Unfortunately, students make mistakes, and these mistakes can come with severe punishments. Whether it is possession, distribution, or even manufacturing drugs on campus, Rutgers students can be removed from on-campus housing or face possible expulsion from the school altogether. This does not mean Rutgers students have to suffer. You are not alone. Attorney Eric B. Morrell has extensive experience defending Rutgers students who have been charged with a crime.

Our team of legal professionals knows that police can become overly aggressive with college students. Sometimes they make traffic stops and enter college dorms or fraternity/sorority houses without probable cause. We carefully investigate all circumstances related to cases to determine whether the police had a valid reason for their investigation. Our firm will seek dismissal of charges whenever appropriate.

NJ Universities Prosecute Title IX Violations

NJ Universities Prosecute Title IX Violations


Unfortunately college campuses have a high rate of sexual assault and crime apparent within the college culture, but with the passing of a new law, victims now have a much more accessible way of seeking protection against their sexual offender. Here at the law office, Eric Morrell has knowledge of the new law regarding non-consensual sexual assault and the changes that it brings to the legal system. If you are a victim of non-consensual sexual contact, sexual penetration, lewdness, or any attempt at such conduct this office will work vigorously to help you obtain the safety that a protective order could provide. Likewise, if you have a protective order that is filed against you, we will help defend you in the matter.

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